The "Archaeologists" of the 24 Hours of Le Mans :

ACH24, association (law 1901 non-profit) was created to research, compile all the information on the 24 hours of Le Mans automobiles since the creation of this event in 1923 by examining the documentation, books, newspapers and magazines, the photos and by meeting the participants of the 24 hours of Le Mans.

The objective of the historian's work is to trace, identify with certainty the facts of races, the classifications, the drivers who participated, the modifications of the circuit, the unknown facts of this event. An important activity concerns the precise identity of the drivers, date of birth, nickname etc ...

ACH24 is composed of people who were already working either individually or in small groups, and thanks to the forums, the meetings on the circuit. We formed a group of friends who shared the same interests, especially in the first instance: the questioning of the numbering of the cars of the 1923 edition.
Scattered in the four corners of France it became essential to organize and therefore the creation of ACH24 was a natural one. Our group is composed of 9 people:
  • René Bozec : Collector of archives (newspapers, magazines, books etc.)
  • Jean Luc Bremond : Researcher and database creator (Chair)
  • Maximilien Cadiou : Historian, guide, photographer is the youngest of the team
  • Serge Cailler : Amateur historian, writer, photographer (treasurer)
  • Jean Charles Colombier : Researcher and creator of a database
  • Thierry Chargé : Website creator, photographer, columnists
  • Laurent Dangeard : Website creator, photographer (Secretary)
  • Gérard Hubert : Amateur genealogist
  • David Webb : Researcher for all things Anglophone
  • Michel Faust : Latest addition to the team, photographer, miniature specialist
The members are all amateurs, there are no pros in this team except the youngest who graduated in history. We also have contacts in France and abroad (Belgium Austria etc. ) who give us valuable information. We work with the heritage of the ACO, and 2 of us work for the museum as volunteers.

A thought for Philippe Hubert, Photographer, miniature specialist and friend who started the adventure within the association and unfortunately who pasted away far too soon.

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