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06/08/2013 : The 1923 ranking, revised and corrected

It all started with an email from Mr. Armand de La Rochefoucauld Duke of Doudeauville which we mention a mistake on his uncle in the first edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1923 :

"According to my records, he ran on a Bugatti Brescia, with the number 29 and not 28.""

25/01/2015 : 24h of Le Mans 1923, Robert Benoist and not Maurice

Scouring the press and personal archives is not made any easier by typos and sometimes contradictory writings. Salvation came from the newspaper l'Auto, co-organizer of the event, which on its May 28, 1923 front page published an article devoted to Salmson.

20/06/2019 : 24h of Le Mans 1924, corrections in Rolland-Pilain crews

All these documents suggest that the Rolland Pilain crews were reshuffled at or before the weigh-in....

31/12/2019 : 24h of Le Mans 1924, Barthélemi Bruyère not Francis Barthélemi

In those days, many pilots drove under a pseudonym, or even a nickname. Barthélemi's first name was never mentioned in the 1924 press...

13/08/2023 : Pilot Glossary

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