13/08/2023 Daire Patrick Picture
13/08/2023 Painvin Pierre-Marie Picture
04/08/2023 Franey Mike Picture
04/08/2023 Guest Herbert Picture
31/07/2023 Decostier Henry Henry with Y
10/07/2023 Lagier di Giuseppe Bernard Explanation of name (adoption) and date of death
02/07/2023 Jacquemin Jean-Marie death June 29, 2023
15/06/2023 Hubert Alain Wrong date of birth, born on 24/01/1952
14/05/2023 Addition of the 31 new 2023 drivers
05/05/2023 Kim (Sergio Pedretti) Picture
01/05/2023 Nourry Jean-Marie Tests day of 1970, Jean-Marie Nourry and not Michel
11/03/2023 Waugh Tom Death date
05/03/2023 Dashwood John Photo
17/01/2023 Nicholson Nick Nick Nicholson is Joseph Edward 'Nick' Nicholson Jr
14/01/2023 Delano Les Correction of date and city of birth, addition of first names
29/12/2022 Lejeune Jean Photo reversal with Maurice Faure
29/12/2022 Faure Maurice Photo reversal with Jean Lejeune
25/11/2022 Gibson Ron Date of birth and death
24/11/2022 Tomasi Carlo Date of birth and death
23/11/2022 Buckley Dennis Date of birth and death
23/11/2022 Vesprini Tulio Date of birth and death
23/11/2022 Jones Harry Date of birth and death
21/11/2022 Deacon David Date of birth
20/11/2022 Scott Archie Date of birth and death
20/11/2022 Smith Glen Glenn and not Glen, Date of birth
20/11/2022 Sprowls Guillermo William and not Guillermo, Date of birth
20/11/2022 Morrison Charles Date of birth and death
19/11/2022 Prior Dick Date of birth and death
18/11/2022 North Roy Date of birth and death
18/11/2022 Hyslop Angus Date of birth and death
18/11/2022 Crabb Percy Date of birth and death
18/11/2022 Lye Frederick Date of birth and death
17/11/2022 Richardson Rees Joseph R.G. Richardson is Rees Joseph Richardson (1907 -1985)
17/11/2022 Teran Rodrigo Date of birth
04/10/2022 Purdy Harold Date of birth and death
25/07/2022 Parker Richard It's Richard Wilfrid 'Chum' Parker and not Robert W. Parker
06/06/2022 Addition of the 45 new 2022 drivers
29/04/2022 Clouet Bernard photo found.
12/04/2022 Alin Albert Albert Alin in 1938 and not his brother Adrien on the Simca N°38
08/04/2022 Guyot Claude In 1950 on the DB N°59 it is Claude Guyot and not Georges Guyot
25/03/2022 Speer Mel Marion Leon Speer, nickname is M.L. Speer
23/03/2022 Nicholson Chuck Name = Nickerson, Charles Joseph -- Nickname = "Chuck Nicholson"
22/03/2022 Hay Soltau Howard Soltau (and not Saltan) Fitz-Gerald "H.S.F." Hay
22/03/2022 Hurrell Sydney Sydney Arthur "Syd" Hurrell born 12/30/1923 Castlemaine, VIC (AUS) lives 2015
21/03/2022 Flynn Joe John Joseph 'Joe' Flynn born 08/12/1917 Castlemaine, Co Kerry, dead 13/01/1982 Dublin
21/03/2022 Harvey Maurice Date of birth of Cyril Maurice Harvey born on 19/02/1895 Balham, London
20/03/2022 Dashwood John John Dashwood is not Sir Francis J.V.H. Dashwood, it is his brother, John Dashwood born on 16/04/1929 Marylebone and died on 02/12/2013 West Molesey.
07/03/2022 Kauhsen Willi Nickname Willi with an i and not a y, see autograph. First name : Willibert
30/01/2022 Ivanovsky Boris French official documents. Boris Ivanovsky was born on 12/01/1893 in Petrograd (St. Petersburg). He lived in St. Petersburg but was born in Ashgabat. According to his naturalization papers of 1946.


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